Craftsmanship of Masih Zad


Elegance is at the heart of Masih Zad ethos. He strives to design and produce pieces that are appropriate for the wearer, with a style that is timeless and produced from fine cloth archive that features only the best mills of Italy.

Dressing Iranian Gents
Masih Zad has now returned to his homeland Iran to help Iranian men dress elegantly. On the sideline of opening his fashion house in Tehran’s prestigious street Niavaran, the Asia had a chance to sit with him and got his views of style, fine fabrics and elegance.

“I started with designing T-shirts. Mr. Erfan Izadi, a close friend, purchased my first T-shirt. I consider him one of my best friends, a mentor, and a great source of inspiration and encouragement,” says Masih adding that his collaboration with late Bijan Pakzad was indeed a turning point in his career life.
“Working with Bijan in one of the fashion capitals of the world Los Angeles taught me all that matters in this business from treating the clients, choosing the right fabric and all tips and tricks of turning a fine cloth into a beautiful piece”, Masih states.
His men’s made to measure mezone is full of inspiration. His friendliness and courteous gentlemanly attitude is unique in Iran. While having your coffee you go over the fabrics’ sample to pick the one you fancy. You try on a sample suit with Masih standing by your side to help you make sure that you are opting for the right size and measurements. He discusses all details with you from the length, buttons, lapels, style to lining and pockets. In less than 30 minutes all points have already been written down and together with your chosen fine fabric ready for submission to his tailoring workshop in Italy’s Naples where your suit is made by hands by Neapolitan tailors. Indeed, you enjoy the Neapolitan sartorial craftsmanship during the first fitting session with Masih carefully going over the details making sure you will look beautifully different in Masih Zad suit.

When you are delivered your Masih Zad made to measure double-breasted suit, you start to long for the next experience in Masih Zad’s fashion house.
Story by Amirbabak Arsalanpour

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