Masih Zad Showroom

At the door of this showroom, located in Northern Tehran is standing this well-dressed gentleman with a cheerful smile on his face. He welcomes you inside and that is exactly when the journey starts; a journey into glory, perfection and beauty. Once inside the apartment you find yourself in an atelier designed and built based on the simple principles of quality and exclusivity. The walls facing the comfortable settee are all covered by such beautiful jackets as if they are simply works of art and indeed each and every single of them can serve as a beautiful object decorating the environment. Looking around, you will feel you are in a most talked about fashion house in Milan or Beverly Hills. Before you entered the glamorous atelier of Mr. Masih Zad, you were only thinking how you would make sure that placing order for your new suit would take the least time possible. Now that you are inside his fashion house, however, you do want to caress your eyes for a longer time. The place is filled with universal design excellence. The design and tailoring house has been put together by a connoisseur of quality named Masih Zad the Iranian-American stylist and designer. Quality, elegance and simplicity are the three elements vividly seen in Masih Zad garments.

Masih Zad Early Life

Over the vast expanse of the universe, a vagrant seed of a concept drifts about and lands on fertile land and is nurtured into a tree by intense passion yet tender love. The ardent labor bears fruit that is satisfying not only to Masih, the creator, but also to those who share the great pleasure of savoring the delectable fruit of his exhilarating art. Holding a torch in hand and a palpitating hope in heart, he illuminates the path to mystical Persian calligraphy.

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