The history of Masih Zad

Developed centuries ago in Heart , once one of the most important cultural centers in the world, Persian calligraphy and miniature painting have remained a staple form of art to Persians. Persian calligraphy is a living entity with infinite number of personal touches that give a peculiar mystique to this art.

Masih Zad is the artist whose exquisite art of breathing life into the patterns whose mystical meanderings leave a soothing effect on those who appreciate rhythms and cadences in Zen-like calligraphy.
Masih, born in 1984, comes from a family of highly-prized and respected tile artisans of Esfahan (Isfahan), whose magic creations of indigo, turquoise, and cobalt blues have beautified the mosques and historical monuments of the city of Esfahan for centuries.

With a growing thirst for creating beautiful pieces he moved to the United States in 2000 where he gets the opportunity to work with the internationally well-known Persian designer Bijan Pakzad. That is when Masih developed his talent into designing impeccable men’s wear. His dinner jackets, wide-lapelled doubled-breasted suits were soon worn by Keanu Reeves, Jonny Depp, Jack Black, Anil Kapoor, Antonio Banderas and Jack Nicholson. His collaboration with Bijan and the Italian designer Domenico Vacca flourished his sartorial gift making him one of the most talked about men’s wear designers and stylists. From humble beginnings Masih Zad atelier has become an icon of Persian quality and sense of design in men’s wear.

The Cut
Masih Zad aesthetic remains true to the Neapolitan and Florentine tradition of tailoring. The jacket features a soft, sloped and generous shoulder, the sleeve head is clean and connects to a full and curved sleeve, and the rich chest is balanced by a generous lapel with low breast pocket leading to a tapered waist and cut away, jacket bottom.

Constructed using a single-angled side dart the Masih Zad jacket is clean and refined, typical of the Neapolitan tradition. The trousers are always tailored with a medium rise and cuffed opening. The proportions of a Masih Zad suit ensure a masculine and elegant silhouette.

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